Spring Into Albums, Shows, and a Film

Hello Friends- It’s about time we update you on all matters Baker’s Basement.  Three things! : 

Shows - We are starting to book a lot for the warmer months, and many of these performances involve an acoustic & classical guitar as well as a small percussion set up we built called the “Tempeh” (check out the below videos!).  Need live music? Let us know! thebakersbasement@gmail.com 

Albums - We’ve spent many long hours to deliver the best recordings we can.  This year will yield 3 albums for your listening pleasure:  our 2nd official album titled “Buck”; an acousticy album with the above mentioned “Tempeh” kit; the soundtrack for the film we’ve been working on titled “Exploring a Glimpse.” 

Film - We continue to work hard on several film projects, the biggie being “Exploring a Glimpse,” which is in its editing stages.  This is very much a music and art film that draws from elements of travelogue and documentary.  The tale:  An old man experiences his grandson’s journey across the states vicariously through letters and packages as he comes to grips with what to do with his particularly odd and large collection. 

Hold on! As more updates emerge. <3 tBB