Rock for Tots Toy Extravaganza

Happy Holidays Everybody! So it hit us one night, and we decided to make the most of it. We weren't planning on doing any other shows until after the new year, but the season calls for a little more.  It can't all be gluttony and marketing and dodging disgruntled minivan drivers in mall parking lots filled to capacity.  So we gave it a name and decided to run with it.  Within a few days we had a venue booked and a name for the party: "Rock for Tots Toy Extravaganza"

Bring a toy.  Have a good time.  Pretty simple stuff, and not a far stretch to help make a kid's day on Christmas morning.  Toys are important.  Kids need to enjoy being kids before it's too late (though we here at Imaginorium studios would like to think it's never too late).

Anyway!  The details are covered so now we just have to tell people.  Kate built a flier and we both helped make invitations.  And though we are squeezed for time, we couldn't resist making a little musical ditty.  Kids need toys, so we figured a song about the many toy options would be appropriate.  We started listing out some classics and some of the greatest hit toys from over the years.  Then the rhymes began finding their places. Kate decided to do a some sampling from Charlie Brown's Christmas--this drove the beat home.  What came out on the other side was a song called "Slinkys, Snuggies, Blankies"--it made for plenty of laughter in the studio--hope it does the same for you.  Hoppy Holidays friends.  Be good to each other.  Enjoy :)  Slinkys, Snuggies, Blankies