Freshly-baked-tunes: Track Thursdays!

In early June, the Baker's Basement journeyed back to Chillicothe, Ohio where we were greeted by the fantastically horrible smell of paper being made only a handful of miles from the Recording Workshop.  After two mouth watering nights in the kitchen, we had the foundations tracked for the batch of songs we're now ready to share with you.  Overdubs and mixing happened at our very own Imaginorium Emporium.

So enough with the words.  We're calling it Track Thursdays--every Thursday for the next 5 or so weeks we will be posting one of these new songs for your consumption.  Have a taste--and  by all means--download it!  for free!  it's all yours! and if you like it , then show someone else who might like it too. 

Enjoy kids!