A Turning of Chapters - Film! Music! Shows! Oh My!

Ahoy there!  It’s been way too long since we last spoke. We’ll fill you in.   

The last year and a half has been marked by the most challenging and fulfilling creative activity that we’ve experienced.  We continue to work hard on our film ‘Exploring a Glimpse’ which is currently in its editing stages while the soundtrack is nearly complete.  If we haven’t had the chance to tell you about this project, we’ll summarize:  in 2015, the two of us spent quite a lot of time conversing and visiting with friends, family, and acquaintances from all stretches of our lives--some of whom we hadn't spoken to in over 15 years.  Many of these folks are speckled across the States.  So we took a good old fashion road trip and we recorded bits of conversation, conducted interviews, and collected a beautiful tapestry of images offering insight into what we gathered from the experience.  The idea was to capture small perspectives into their worlds - tiny episodes if you will.  In many cases we asked:  how did you come to live here?  How do you spend your time?  Do you see yourself moving?  At the heart of the experience was a desire to learn how priorities come to be.  How do we define that tender place we call “Home”?  Reflecting on these conversations and questions, we composed music and lyrics that will help tell the tale of this journey.  Utilizing elements of documentary, travelogue, and art film, the resulting piece will be a patchwork of images showing episodes and small moments from the lives of these individuals as well as reflections on the human experience as it relates to memory and time. 

As all that continues to brew, our sophomore album is also in the works. These songs are at various points of development and span a wide range of genre and sound.  Expect acoustic songs and electronic songs and rocky songs and hip hoppy songs and a grab bag of personality.  We can’t wait to finally show you. 

Shows have also kept us busy and traveling. Shows of all types. Concert halls. Basements. Restaurants. Fundraisers. Festivals. Street Corners. Farmers markets. Bookstores. These days we’ve been working at developing our acoustic set where Kate specializes in “finessing the bucket” - that is - playing a 5 gallon bucket in a way that harnesses a wide variety of dynamic and timbre in combination with the acoustic guitar, live loops, and other sounds to present a unique perspective on our compositions.  This set up is very mobile, and allows us the beautiful opportunity to offer our music in such a unique assortment of settings.  It’s been a blast. 

This wildly creative chapter is finding its way to completion this fall, at which point we will be turning full gear to show you and everybody what we’ve been up to.  As always, thank you for your amazing support. Warm Cookies -tBB