Presenting "Seasonings" 

The tiny album that happened by accident.

Hi there snails,

We have been hard at work completing mountains of music, and we finally have something to share.  Some of you may know that we have been performing acoustically a lot over the year with a small percussion set up we created that we like to call the "Tempeh Kit".  It's the one in the picture at the top of the screen.  Well! We set out to record an acoustic EP that reflects the kinds of songs we've been performing on this kit, and we ended up getting carried away and recording 14 tracks.  So as other albums continue to brew, we share this acoustically driven, tempeh kit album titled "Seasonings."

We're not usually the artist that likes to tell you what the album is all about. But we'll give you a few morsels.  "Seasonings" is rain, snow, sunshine, runny noses, cups of tea, lemonade stands, moving trucks, 2 snails, seasonal mood swings, day to day mood swings, frustration, funkiness, wordlessness, overthought, present mindedness, absent mindedness, nostalgia, and sprinkles.

It's available for purchase on our website's Listen tab.  You can also find it for streaming or download on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp among others.   Have a listen. And if it moves you, perhaps tell a friend. As always - thank you!

<3 tBB


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