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A Turning of Chapters - Film! Music! Shows! Oh My! 

Ahoy there!  It’s been way too long since we last spoke. We’ll fill you in.   

The last year and a half has been marked by the most challenging and fulfilling creative activity that we’ve experienced.  We continue to work hard on our film ‘Exploring a Glimpse’ which is currently in its editing stages while the soundtrack is nearly complete.  If we haven’t had the chance to tell you about this project, we’ll summarize:  in 2015, the two of us spent quite a lot of time conversing and visiting with friends…

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Exploring a Glimpse - A Music & Film Project. 

2015 has been a wildly creative ride so far, much due to the emergence of our most recent and beautifully daunting project entitled ‘Exploring a Glimpse.’  This will not only result in a film, expected to enter the world this Autumn, but also our next full length album.  Now what is this project, “Exploring a Glimpse.”  — the quick answer is to ask you to click here and check out our Introduction to Glimpse Video.  Or to head to the project websites listed at the bottom of this article.  We’ll tell you this…Read more

"Tiles" Music Video Release!! 

Hi friends! It's here at last! Our first theatrical music video for "Tiles" : the chaotic instrumental piece that rages at the tail end of our debut album Island.  This film was made possible with the amazing talents of our friends Johnny Habu, Chase Behrend, and Donnie Walsh.  This is a Cleveland film - shot in the old Variety Theatre, the parks, and our garage.  Have a look! See how it tastes! Love, tBB   Click Here for Tiles

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A Tour. A Video. A Holiday Season. 

Hi Snails,  Our autumn tour was an adventure that showed us many a warm welcome from strangers across the midwest. We made friends in four states, driving through falling snow rather than falling leaves - a strange and beautifully surreal experience indeed. Electric shows. Acoustic shows. A couple days in the studio. Piles of footage. The kindness of strangers. Thank you everyone that shared in this experience in any way.

We have completed a live video of Little Boats, acoustic buckets style, filmed on a…Read more

Snail Trails - A Midwest Tour 

Dear Snails,   We are thrilled to embark on our first tour this November with a delicious assortment of show dates sprinkled throughout the midwest - the title of this grand adventure: "Snail Trails. A Midwest Tour."  Our travels will also include a return to REC Studios in Chillicothe, Ohio where the roots of the Baker's Basement first took form; a whole new crop of songs has popped up over the last few months and we're anxious to share them with you.   We'll be posting highlights of our adventure via… Read more

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